Solace of RED

Solace of RED is a performance art residency incubator initiated in 2020 by TRIBE’s Artistic Director Shamel Pitts. Solace of RED intertwines different art languages to create one live performance experience.

Solace of RED is a project of cultivating space to create a platform for TRIBE artist’s singular works. This performance art incubator provides space for each artist’s voice to be expressed while finding solace in sharing the weight of the creative practice alongside one another.

TRIBE aims to extend this work with a multitude of different artists ranging various mediums and locations. From this, the work will re-birth itself throughout TRIBE’s lifetime, as new artists cycle through the kaleidoscopic creative process, led by Pitts, to find solitude, creativity, and solidarity.

Solace of Red – Vol. IV

The Pocantico Center of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Tarrytown, NY

July 26–August 6, 2023

This Residency was made possible in part with support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.


Concept and Artistic Direction: Shamel Pitts

Choreographer & Performer: Tushrik Fredericks

Choreographer & Performer: Ashley Pierre-Louis

Choreographer & Performer: Marcella Lewis

Artistic Production Manager & Artist in Residency: Rus Snelling

Video Art Installation: Lucca Del Carlo

Collaborating Artist: Taylor Antisdel

Collaborating Artist & Performer: Dominica Greene


Collaborating Artist & Performer: Dave X

Collaborating Artist & Performer: Babou Sanneh

Collaborating Artist & Performer: Minylan Echols

Collaborating Artist & Performer: Eduardo Jiménez Cabrera

Collaborating Artist & Performer: Marirosa Crawford

Collaborating Artist & Performer: Imani Gaudin

Collaborating Artist & Performer: Chip Alexandria

Collaborating Artist & Performer: Amaria Stern

Solace of Red – Vol. III

Baryshnikov Arts Center – Brooklyn, NY
March 2023 & October 2023

A nonconsecutive three week residency awarded through the Princess Grace Foundation-USA Works in Progress residency program.


Concept and Artistic Direction: Shamel Pitts

Direction and Choreography & Performer: Ashley Pierre-Louis in collaboration with Dominica Greene

Performer: Dominica Greene

Choreographer & Performer: Ashley Pierre-Louis

Choreographer & Performer: Tushrik Fredericks

Video Art Installation: Lucca Del Carlo


“In October 2022, I began developing a solo work entitled SORAYA, exploring the in-between of ‘the beginning of [my] sense of self and the chaos of [my] strongest feelings,’ culminating in a found unassailable power, rooted in the erotic.
This next stage of development has guided me toward collaborating with artist Dominica Greene in creating an evening length work entitled SORE, which will include two, ten minute female solos, and a 20 minute female duet. With SORE, I’m interested in how the conjuring of black feminine erotic power, pleasure, and love physicalizes itself inside of two distinctly individual female bodies. What happens when we each commit to the return of our own authentic self in order to create echo chambers of transformation that invites folks to take up space and feel empowered to discover the pleasures that exist in their bodies? How can they then access these pleasures as a source of unassailable power as they live their daily lives?”

– Ashley Pierre-Louis

“ISLAND is a work in progress art piece. Created as video art that evolves into stage performance in which live video and sound play the stage lights around the performer. An immersive challenge between, video, sound, light and body. Seeking to explore isolations and connections from those many islands that share expression seas.”

– Lucca Del Carlo

Solace of Red – Vol. II

JACK – Brooklyn, NY
September 30 – October 1, 2022


Concept and Artistic Direction & Choreographer: Shamel Pitts

Performer: Ke’Ron Wilson

Choreographer & Performer: Ashley Pierre-Louis

Choreographer: Marcella Lewis

Performers: Marirosa Crawford, Imani Gaudin-County, Kashia Kancey, Chelen Middlebrook

Choreographer: Tushrik Fredericks

Soundscape Artist: TT Britt

Video Art Installation: Lucca Del Carlo

Photographer & Videographer: Itai Zwecker

Marcella Lewis

[ Artist Bio ]

Spectacle of Ritual
Quartet Rendition

Performance by Chelen Middlebrook, Marirosa Crawford, Imani Gaudin-County, Kashia Kancey


Tushrik Fredericks

[ Artist Bio ]

(territory) of the heart

Soundscape Artist TT Britt

Ashley Pierre-Louis

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Lucca Del Carlo

[ Artist Bio ]


For 2 weeks, 5 multidisciplinary artists a part of the Brooklyn-based arts collective TRIBE developed 5 individual works, each exploring within the languages of dance, poetry, spoken word, transmedia & visual art, music, and movement in an art residency at JACK in Brooklyn, NY, culminating in two work-in-progress sharings.

Solace of RED – Vol. II shared with audiences at JACK, the development from this unique collaborative residency between artists: Shamel Pitts (Choreographer), Tushrik Fredericks (Choreographer & Performer), Ashley Pierre-Louis (Choreographer & Performer), Marcella Lewis (Choreographer), and Lucca Del Carlo (Transmedia Artist).

[ Friday ]  September 30, 2022 

Invited Sharing – 8 p.m.


Video Art Installation by Lucca Del Carlo


Choreography and Performance by Ashley Pierre-Louis

Spectacle of Ritual

Choreography by Marcella Lewis

Performance by Marirosa Crawford, Imani Gaudin-County, Kashia Kancey, Chelen Middlebrook

[ Saturday ]  October 1, 2022 

7:30 p.m. – [ SOLD OUT ]


Video Art Installation by Lucca Del Carlo



Choreography by Shamel Pitts
Performance by Ke’Ron Wilson


(territory) of the heart

Choreography and Performance by Tushrik Fredericks
Soundscape Artist TT

*strobe lighting will be used during this sharing* 

Solace of Red – Vol. I

Movement Without Borders – Manhattan, NY
Judson Memorial Church
October 2, 2021

Artistic Team

Concept and Artistic Direction, Choreographer, Performer: Shamel Pitts

Poem: Claudia Rankine

Performer: Ashley Pierre-Louis

Choreographer & Performer: Tushrik Fredericks

Performer: Nouhoum Koita

The creation and development of Solace of RED is made possible in part by Movement Without Borders, The Racial Imaginary Institute, JACK, and The Princess Grace Foundation-USA, the Baryshnikov Arts Center, and by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the city council.

Solace of RED has also been developed in part during a residency at the Baryshnikov Arts Center, New York, NY and awarded through the Princess Grace Foundation-USA Works in Progress residency program.

Additional TRIBE commissioning, development and core operating support is provided by the Mellon Foundation; Arison Arts Foundation; the New England Foundation for the Arts’ National Dance Project with funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation; The Howard Gilman Foundation; Dance/NYC’s Dance Advancement Fund, made possible by the Howard Gilman Foundation and Ford Foundation; 92Y Harkness Dance Center; National Performance Network (NPN) Creation, Development & Artist Engagement Fund Project. The Creation, Development & Artist Engagement Fund is supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency); New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.