Lake of RED

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In a time where everyone is trying to reconsider and reimagine what the future of live performance will look like, Pitts knows that even if it takes time to get back to normal, dance will prevail.


Lake of RED is a poetic audiovisual performance art installation that takes place inside a fragmented, boxed space. 

Within the short film, Shamel Pitts (2020 Guggenheim Fellow) deploys his unique style of choreography, inspired by Gaga movement language, and nightlife, whilst exploring a close dialogue with the lights that occupy (and transform) the surroundings. 

Pitts orates with lyrical poetry as over-currents dressing this audiovisual work. Lake of RED is a poetic performance lens for projection, reflection and resonance of the artist with the viewer and with himself. 

Lake of RED is the first official multidisciplinary art work of TRIBE. Directed by Itai Zwecker and filmed at Refuge Arts in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, the video art is also the first creation of the “RED series” conceived and led by Shamel Pitts. 

“As an African American artist and citizen, I feel compelled to share the power of art and dance as a leading example to humanity. I am constantly engaged with James Baldwin’s offering: Art has to be some kind of confession…if you can face and examine your life, you can discover the terms in which you are connected to other lives, and they can discover them, too”.

Pitts researched, developed, and honed Lake Of RED with financial and operational support from Gibney Company and through a grant by Chashama’s Space to Create program 2019. 

Lake of RED was officially launched digitally in July 2020.

Official Selection

  • Cannes Short Film Festival 2020
  • Fifth Wall Fest 2020
  • Montreal Independent Film Festival 2020


Conceived, choreographed, and performed by Shamel Pitts

Video Directed By: Itai Zwecker

Second Videographer: Jordan Cowan

Video Content and Video Mapping by: Mauricio Ceppi

Composer: Ricardo Romaneiro

Artistic Collaborator: Mirelle Martins

Location Partner: Sam Black “Refuge Arts”

Public Relations Agency: Xhibition PR / Ross Belfer

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There’s something about coming together, and dancing, and sharing art and movement and all those exchanges of energies that is cosmic and unmatched and also primordial. People have always come together to dance; people will always come together to dance.

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