Understanding music was her gift at a young age, E Katrina Lewis realized if her ears could hear it, her finger could play it. Her church upbringing was one that prompted her to play without hesitation or apprehension but “You better get up there and get the job done correctly.” This impromptu, sometimes intimidating demand turned into a passion and confidence making room for her gift. After graduating college, a leap of faith ignited. This fire has allowed her to spend 25 years working as a professional musician touring and performing in well known churches and venues with household names. Additionally, E Katrina discovered in the genesis of her career the ability to organize, plan, and execute administrative, management, and logistical information. This prompted her to return to college to get a Master’s in Arts Administration focused in Music Management. Since getting this degree, E Katrina has worked with entities such as The Kennedy Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Vision into Art, Northern Virginia Symphony Orchestra, and the University of Maryland College Park. E Katrina has also released four solo music projects, a children’s book and continues to explore and discover more artistic and creative interests as it relates to her spiritual, ancestral and genealogical uniqueness.