BLACK BOX – Little Black Book of RED (2015)

An enigmatic performance featuring a solo by Shamel Pitts, a former company member of Israel’s iconic Batsheva Dance Company.

Buoyed by his trademark expressive movement, Pitts employs spoken word, evocative lighting, and video to construct a personal, poetic narrative about the search for identity and striving for survival amidst impermanence.

Performed in a confined space in nearly pitch-black darkness, the work features recordings of Pitts’ ruminations jotted down during his travels with Batsheva.
Obliquely referencing the flight data recorder, BLACK BOX transcends traditional travel journal format, becoming instead a record of a life as – in a nod to Nina Simone – a “young, gifted and Black” artist, thriving in constant motion.

Artistic Team

Conceived, written, and performed by Shamel Pitts

In collaboration with
Art Direction and Light Design: Tom Love

Music Arrangement: Stella Goldstein / Auerbach Records

Costume Design: Galit Reich

Original Logo Design: Zohar Shemesh

Graphic Design: Idan Epstein / Uber Designs

Photography: Alex Apt

Short movie: Aviv Maaravi

Shamel has a very strong presence. Here he exposes himself in two parallel channels which rub each other, the physical side, the outer layer with the tactical sensors, and the inner side, that verbalizes thoughts, ideas, feelings and precise them with words. It’s Shamel’s first full length (40 min) choreographic work and it’s very impressive, a portrait of a gifted dancer and a man of words ,emotions and versatile ways of expression, which without a doubt will lead this creator forward in the future.

Ora Brafman