Lake Of RED

We are overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the support we have received for our first official release of Lake Of RED and the first part of the “RED Series”, a new body of multidisciplinary visual performances by Shamel Pitts’ TRIBE.

Lake of RED is still available here to view on Demand at the link in our bio. You won’t want to miss it.

THANK YOU to our very special donors for their love and support:

Black Onyx Donors
Alexandria Clair
Rachel Wittenberg

Black Pearl Donors
Katherine Fisher
The Assembly Dance
Morgan Beckwith

Black Diamond Donors
Gregory Vaughan
Joshua Antoine
Michael Rank
Candice Thompson

Black Star Donors
Jocelyn Taylor
Yael Dresdner
John Lucas
Evelyn Musher
Margie Gillis
Richard Daniels
Subtle Changes, INC.
Roger C. Jeffrey
Risa Steinberg
Alexandra Wells
Zanthea Taylor